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MB2-712 合格率書籍試験はMicrosoftのひとつの認証試験でIT業界でとても歓迎があって、ますます多くの人がMB2-712 合格率書籍Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration」認証試験に申し込んですがその認証試験が簡単に合格できません。準備することが時間と労力がかかります。でも、ShikenPASSは君の多くの貴重な時間とエネルギーを節約することを助けることができます。

試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration」
問題と解答:全95問 MB2-712 学習関連題

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NO.1 You have a custom entity named Event Registration. Event Registration has a relationship with
the contact entity.
You plan to add a field named Contact Phone to Event Registration.
You need to ensure that when a contact is added to an Event Registration record, the phone number
of the contact is displayed in the Contact Phone field of the record.
If the contact changes, the Contact Phone field must display the new phone number of the contact.
What should you use?
A. a lookup field
B. a business rule
C. entity mapping
D. a calculated field
Answer: D

MB2-712 費用   MB2-712 受験生   

NO.2 You receive leads that are generated from your company's website.
Once the leads are in Dynamics CRM, they must be assigned to a specific CRM user based on the city
from which the lead came, and then moved to the queue of the user.
You plan to create a workflow to manage the process.
You need to identify which event should be used to trigger the workflow.
A. Record is deleted.
B. Record status changes.
C. Record is assigned.
D. Record is created.
Answer: D

MB2-712 出題   

NO.3 You have a Dynamics CRM organization.
You have a team named Team1 that has three members named User1, User2 and User3. Team1
currently owns 200 active contacts.
User1 fails to see the records assigned to Team1 from the default view. User1 sees only the records
assigned to her.
You need to resolve the issue reported by User1.
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Configure the default view to include the records owned by Team1.
B. Configure the security role assigned to User1.
C. Configure a new default view for User1, User2, and User3.
D. Configure the security role assigned to Team1.
Answer: A,B

MB2-712 信頼度   

NO.4 For the account entity, you need a form that can be opened by sales users only. You save a copy
of the main contact form and you name the copy Sales form. What should you do next?
A. Create a business rule.
B. Enable security roles.
C. Add a web resource.
D. Modify the Form Properties.
Answer: D

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